Area 52 HKH

Lost And Found

by Euphrosyne

Summary: The Stargate develops another detour.

Jack awoke hot, sweaty and extremely uncomfortable. He was lying on something hard and very lumpy and there was something heavy holding him down. He tried to clear his head and sit up when the ground moved, and groaned.

"Daniel? Daniel, you okay?" He pulled himself off the now semi-conscious man and rolled to a sitting position. Reaching down he patted the archeologist's face gently and was swatted away with a groan.

"I'm okay, Jack. What the hell just happened?" He rolled to his side and straightened his glasses, then pushed himself to a sitting position. Looking around and above he finally focused on Jack's face.

"I hate to use a cliché' here, but where the hell are we and how did we get here?"

Jack just stared at him. "Well, I hate to point this out, but you forgot one." Daniel was climbing slowly to his feet, the weight of his pack clearly preventing any graceful return to standing. He stared down at Jack

"Forgot one what?"

"Question, Daniel, you forgot one question." Jack reached a hand out and up to Daniel who helped to pull him to his feet.

"Where are Carter and Teal'c?" Jack answered the unasked question himself and shifted his heavy pack to a more comfortable position on his back.

It was clearly tropical, that was for sure. But was it Earth? Jack couldn't tell from the foliage, they looked like palm trees to him. There was birdsong and small animal noises. 'It's not as noisy as a Tarzan movie,' he thought, 'but definitely a jungle film.' It reminded him of Ops he had done in Central America. Humid, dirty, stinking, bloody Central America. 'Not going there', he thought to himself.

Daniel was examining the indigenous vegetation. Jack chuckled to himself, 'Yeah, plant boy in his native habitat'. 'Daniel always looks into the dirt,' he thought, 'I guess that goes with being an archeologist.' He shook his head. 'Hell, he was in the Air Force, so he should look up.' He did. Then he sighed deeply. 'How to tell Daniel?'

Just then Daniel gave him his opening.

"This could be the South Pacific, Jack. I can't tell where we are."

"I can, Daniel, look up." Jack was matter of fact in his reply, directing Daniel's gaze towards the giant, greenish, ringed planet hanging in the sky above them.

"It ain't the south pacific, Daniel, not even close."

There was no sign of Carter, or Teal'c, or even a DHD. That was the bad news. The good news was the gate was intact and neither one of them was hurt, not like Antarctica where Carter and he had nearly died. All they could remember was entering the Stargate for home, the last two to enter the wormhole, then waking up, neatly stacked on top of each other here. Time to go into survival mode.

"Okay, Daniel, we need water, shelter, and food. Our packs are intact so we have some supplies, our tent, and some equipment. But in this heat, water is top priority." Daniel nodded and started to walk into the jungle behind Jack.

It didn't take them long to find water, and lots of it, complete with a waterfall. They stopped on the bank of the river, watching something gray and deer like drinking at the other side, it watched back.

"Could we be THAT lucky?" Daniel just looked at Jack; he knew the question had been rhetorical. Jack crouched down and put his hand in the water, then brought up a handful, sniffed at it then tasted the few drops that remained on his palm. Then he leaned closer and brought a handful of the cool, clear, water to his mouth and drank.

"Definitely potable and much more refreshing than what's left in our canteens." Jack removed his canteen and dumped its contents, then refilled it from the river. Daniel followed his example.

Jack looked around, "It's starting to get dark, Daniel, we should probably set up our camp while we have light. You pitch the tent and I'll scout for wood for a fire." Jack took off his pack and helped Daniel remove his. Daniel started to clear large rocks and scrub from a likely looking area in preparation for setting up the tent. Jack started to walk back into the jungle, his P-90 cradled in his hands.

"Jack?" Daniel's voice stopped him and made him turn around.

"What is it?"

"Hurry back and please be careful," Daniel sounded sincere and somewhat apprehensive.

"I will, Daniel" Jack turned and continued to walk. Daniel just watched for a moment or two and then resumed pitching the tent.

Jack returned sometime later with an armload of firewood and something else that was bundled into the shirt that he had removed and used as a shopping bag of sorts. The tent was pitched and a small fire set with kindling that Daniel had scrounged. He had, of course, made coffee and looked up from his cup when Jack approached.

"You're back. What'cha got there?" Daniel watched as Jack put down the shirt/sack and piled the wood neatly. He brought the sack over to where Daniel sat and waited while Daniel poured him a cup of coffee. Then he exchanged the sack for the cup. Daniel looked into the shirt, then laid it on the ground and started to unbutton it.

"I don't know if they're edible; I didn't want to try it out there by myself." Jack admitted "But I did see one of those 'near deer' eating them off the ground. So I thought if they could eat them, maybe we can, too."

Daniel removed one of the leathery feeling orbs from the shirt, lifted it to his nose and sniffed. 'It smelled fruity. No surprise there.' Jack took it from Daniel's hand and laid it on one of the flat rocks that circled the small fire and cut it in half with his knife. The flesh inside was orange in color and fragrant. Jack touched his index finger to the flesh of one half and brought the finger to his lips, sticking his tongue out to taste the end of his finger. Daniel followed the movement of the finger, waiting for Jack's official pronouncement.

"Well?" Daniel stared at Jack.

"Well, it kind'a tastes like cantaloupe" Not the answer Daniel had been looking for, he reached out for one half of the fruit and had his hand slapped away by Jack, now in full Colonel mode.

"I said it kind'a tastes like cantaloupe. I didn't say it was edible."

Daniel sighed. "Last I heard, Jack, cantaloupe was edible." Jack took his knife and took a small slice out of one piece. He stared at Daniel as he brought it to his lips and opened his mouth, again sticking out his tongue to taste before taking a small bite. His eyes never left Daniel's face and Daniel's eyes never left Jack's mouth. Jack chewed and swallowed, and Daniel still stared. Jack licked his lips. Daniel licked his lips. Jack laughed out loud and broke the spell that Daniel was under.

"Pavlov would have loved you, Daniel" Jack laughed as he cut another slice of fruit. Daniel said nothing but watched Jack's hands as they lifted the slice towards his mouth, at the very last minute detouring to Daniel's parted lips. Daniel opened his mouth and accepted the slice from Jack's fingers, his lips closing around those fingers while he watched Jack's face. He held Jack's wrist while he sucked the fingers lovingly, still staring intently at Jack


"Yes, Jack?" Daniel let the fingers fall from his mouth, but didn't release the wrist.

"That's my hand, Daniel."

"Yes, Jack, I know." He began to kiss and suck the fingers again.

"I need it back "

Daniel looked at Jack, kissed each finger tenderly, and turned the hand, placed a tender kiss on the palm, and released it to its befuddled owner. Jack continued to stare at Daniel, then turned back towards the fire and sliced up the remaining fruit. Then he got up and built the fire up for the darkening night and went to the edge of the river to wash his face and hands in the cool water. He came back towards the fire where Daniel sat and started to slice up another fruit while Daniel finished off the first. Daniel lifted the first slice towards Jack's mouth. Jack leaned away, and Daniel frowned and looked away. Jack grabbed his wrist and guided the fruit to his mouth, closing his lips around the fingers as Daniel had done. Daniel quickly turned his head towards Jack, smiling gently.

Jack upped the ante, he removed Daniel's fingers from his mouth, then leaned into Daniel and planted a soft kiss on his astonished lips. He leaned back and smiled, very pleased with himself, and was in no way prepared when Daniel called his soft closed mouth kiss and raised him an open mouthed one. They watched each other with open eyes, Daniel's glasses askew, and Jack cross eyed trying to focus. They sucked on each other's lips for a moment, and then they reached out to pull each other into a crushing embrace. Glasses were removed. Heads and mouths were repositioned finally with sighs that sounded more like moans, eyes were closed and tongues sparred and caressed.

When air became an issue, they turned to tasting throats and ears, as if their very lives depended on being able to sample as much skin of the other as possible. Finally, Jack broke the spell. Finishing a wet kiss just below Daniel's left ear, he leaned back slightly, forcing Daniel to look him in the eye.

"What exactly are we doing, Daniel?"

"Kissing, Jack, we're kissing. I would have thought that was obvious even to you." Daniel smiled shyly.

"Don't be coy, Daniel, you know what I mean. But why now?" Jack tried for cold and analytical, but was confounded when Daniel ducked under his chin to place a series of small, wet kisses on his throat. He tilted his head slightly to allow Daniel access to the left side of his neck.

"I mean, how come after all this time, we suddenly can't keep our hands off each other?"

"I'm not using my hands," Daniel spoke into the hollow between Jack's neck and collarbone. "Just using my mouth here, Jack"

"We need to talk."

"Not now, Jack. Busy." Daniel kept up his all out kissing assault of Jack's face and neck.

"Now, Daniel." Jack placed his hands on Daniel's shoulders and pushed him to arm's length

With a sigh that moved the nearby foliage, Daniel ceased his ministrations, leaned back and folded his arms across his chest.

"Okay, Jack, let's talk. You and I were the last through the gate. Sam and Teal'c are definitely not here. We are not on Earth, We are obviously not going anywhere anytime soon without a DHD, unless, of course, we find an alternate route. We appear to be in no danger from either indigenous flora or fauna. We have seen, so far, no signs that anyone has ever been here, except for maybe Adam and Eve. We are alone, and could well be for the rest of our lives. So, you tell me, Jack, what's the problem?"

Jack just looked at him; mouth slightly agape.

'How could he line up an argument like that and make out at the same time?'

Jack took a couple of deep breaths and tried to encourage a few of his wayward blood cells to return to his brain.

'Daniel was right. Daniel was always right.'

"Well, ah, that's a fair evaluation of our situation, Daniel, but what I meant was how come-ah-suddenly-- ah- with the ---

ah--- you know? Jack's hand waved back and forth between the two of them. His discomfort with the attempted discussion was obvious. Daniel chuckled. Jack looked flustered, but still tried to make himself understood.

"Dammit, Daniel, it's not funny." Jack was becoming impatient with Daniel's lack of concern for their situation.

"No, Jack, it isn't. Did you know how cute you are when you get tongue-tied?"

"I am not cute. Puppies are cute, Air Force Colonels are not cute."

"Are too."

"Are not."

"Are too."

"Are not." Jack's face burst into a wide grin that produced the corresponding effect in Daniel's face.

They reached for each other again, effectively ending the argument with a series of passionate kisses.

"Look, what say we try to get some rest and do our Stanley and Livingston in the morning?"

With the weariness beginning to show on Jack's face, Daniel put up no argument.

"If you feel up for it, Daniel, you take first watch, and I'll relieve you in three hours." Daniel looked disappointed, an expression so far from his former smile that it was apparent even to Jack.

"What?" Jack reached out and tilted the unsmiling visage back to look him in the eye. "What's wrong, Daniel? Now what did I say?"

"Why do we need to set a watch, Jack? There's obviously no one here but us."

"We don't know that. They could be watching us right now, just waiting for us to go to sleep." Jack scrubbed his hands across his face, a mannerism Daniel recognized as being associated with fatigue.

"You don't think we were vulnerable when we were unconscious, or while we were kissing, or while we were separated?"

"Alll-right, Daniel, no watches. You made your point; I'm too tired to argue with you. I just don't have the strength in this heat." Jack looked defeated with his arms now lying straight out and across his knees. Daniel stood and moved behind Jack heading for the tent. He began to remove his clothing, something Jack was entirely unaware of until he moved back in front of Jack again and took his hand.

Jack's gaze started at the bare feet, and slowly traveled up the naked legs, holding his breath. He had a fleeting thought.

Fleeting because it vanished as soon as its blood supply headed to points south and because about that time he saw that Daniel was still wearing his boxers.

He exhaled. Daniel pulled him to a standing position and started to undress him. He grabbed Daniel's hands, stilling them.

"What are you doing, Daniel?" Jack tried to keep Daniel's eyes focused on his own and not on the suddenly expanding portion of his pants.

"You aren't going to sleep like that, are you?"

"No, but I can certainly remove my own clothing. I've been dressing and undressing myself for a long time."

"I was only trying to help, Jack. What did you think I was doing?"

"I thought you were trying to seduce me." Jack had a perfectly straight face.

Jack was right but Daniel would never let him know it. "Don't be ridiculous, Jack." He removed his hands from Jack's grasp and bent down to start untying Jack's boots. He untied the right boot first and patted the leg, just above the knee. "Lift it up"

Jack put his hand on the top of Daniel's head to steady himself, then lifted his right foot. The boot and sock were removed quickly, and then Daniel started on the left bootlaces. Jack's hand continued to rest on the top of his head; his fingers began to weave into the soft strands. As he loosened the laces of the left boot, Daniel smiled to himself. This was going to work.

"Lift it up." The left leg lifted, and Daniel removed the boot and sock. Jack's hand remained in his hair. Instead of standing, Daniel reached up slightly and started to unfasten Jack's belt, then unfastened the front of the BDU pants. The hand that had been lying quietly in his hair now began to stroke his head from front to back.

Jack was too tired to resist. Somewhere, the part of his brain that still had blood flow knew what was happening. The rest of him was mesmerized, unwilling to struggle against the inevitable.

Daniel pulled the BDU pants down and, as he had with the boots, got Jack to lift first one leg and then the other to remove them. Now he made his play. He laid his cheek against the bulging front of Jack's boxers, and rubbed gently up and down. Jack's hand tightened in his hair. Daniel braced in anticipation of rejection and, in a last all out effort, reached into the boxers and freed Jack's erection from its cotton restraint. He placed a soft kiss at its base and felt the sigh and shiver run the length of the organ and its owner. Jack's other hand joined the first in stroking Daniel's hair. A small moan escaped Jack's lips as he leaned his head back, tilting his face skyward.

Daniel was in control now. He stole a glance upwards to see Jack's face transfixed in the firelight and the twilight. 'Eyes closed, lips parted. Beautiful.' He moved his hands to Jack's hips, holding him in place. Then he ran his tongue from base to tip, took a breath and moved his lips to circle the head of Jack's erection, swallowing him to the root. Jack groaned and began to stroke Daniel's hair. Daniel was trying to keep one eye on Jack's reactions, eyes still closed, head now tilted downwards he looked like he was going to sleep.

Daniel thought 'Not now, Jack, you are NOT gonna fall asleep on me.' He'd have to do something else to get his attention.

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of Jack's shorts and in one move pulled them out in front, down around Jack's knees, while releasing Jack's cock from the confines of his mouth. Then he had another brainstorm and instead of resuming his prior actions, he leaned slightly lower and started to lick Jack's balls. He lifted first one and then the other to his lips, sucking them into his mouth and rolling them around with his tongue. Jack groaned again and rolled his head slightly.

'That's more like it' Daniel thought. He kept one hand at Jack's scrotum and moved the other around to squeeze and stroke the taut buttocks now exposed. He returned to tongue the cock head again and slipped a finger behind Jack's balls to stoke his perineum. His other hand slightly parted the buttocks, allowing the finger from the perineum access to stroke the muscle ring.

"OH, God, Daniel! Ahhh," The 'near deer' browsing through the low bushes lifted its head, startled.

'Now, he's awake!' Daniel thought smugly, and then noticed Jack's left knee begin to buckle. He didn't want to completely lose control of the situation, so he stood up quickly, moving his right hand to Jack's balls and dick and left hand between the cleavage of the buttocks, still stroking that sweet spot and perineum. He patted the left leg into a lift again and removed the shorts, then the right, leaving them where they fell.

'He was going to have to move this somewhere that he could lay Jack down to finish his grand seduction'. He backed Jack towards the tent, leaning down to tongue a brown nipple to attention. Then, he kissed his way down the tight abdomen, sucking and nibbling till he was in danger of being poked in the eye by Jack's erection, again demanding attention. He licked the shining drops from the tip, then reached up and pulled Jack's hand guiding him to the ground sheet over which the tent was erected. As Jack started to lower himself to the ground, Daniel reached into the tent and pulled out a sleeping bag, swinging it around behind Jack.

Daniel laid Jack down on the bag and was rewarded when Jack gave a deep sigh and moan, spreading his legs to allow Daniel to lie between them. Jack lifted his head slightly and watched Daniel swallow him to the root again. He bent one knee up and saw Daniel put the middle finger of his right hand into his mouth and, staring right into Jack's eyes, move it around past his balls to stroke around his tight ring again. He gasped as the finger attempted to breach the muscular ring and Daniel's ministrations again turned to his balls.

"Come on, baby, relax for me. You can do it, Jack. Just relax. It'll feel so good; you know I'd never hurt you. Relax." Daniel crooned the words and could feel the taut body relaxing under his caresses.

Another deep sigh escaped from Jack, followed by a loud moan as Daniel's finger finally gained access. Daniel returned his attention to Jack's cock, setting up a rhythm that soon had Jack responding by again curling his fingers into Daniel's hair. His finger still had not made much headway; Jack's muscles

were just too tight.

"Relax, Jack. Come on, relax, you'll love it come on, you can do it."

Jack lifted his head to look at Daniel, all the distraction Daniel needed to slide his finger completely into Jack. Jack's eyes closed again. Then he gave a loud moan and shuddered.

"It's alright, Jack, I won't hurt you." He crooned again, then began the stroking motion inside that had Jack canting his hips up to drive Daniel's finger deeper. Jack's head rolled from side to side and the moaning was now almost continuous. Daniel pulled the first finger almost completely out and pushed in now with two fingers, finally finding that nub of prostate that made Jack shout out loud.

"OHHH, Daniel, yesssss. Pleassse Daniel, God, I need you. Dannnn-yellllll."

Daniel felt the scrotum tighten against his chin, and Jack tense under him. He tried to prepare himself but the hot spurts of cum where still somewhat surprising. What was even more surprising was the amount. He swallowed and kept right on swallowing. He knew in his mind it wasn't a gallon, but it sure seemed like one. As the spurting diminished, he sucked hard as if looking for more, the cock that had been hard for what felt like forever now softening in his mouth.

Jack grasped at Daniel's shoulders trying to pull him up. Daniel took the hint and came up to kiss Jack deeply, allowing him to taste himself in his mouth. Jack slipped his hands to Daniel's chest and started to roll an already hard nipple in his fingers. Then he moved his other hand to the waistband on Daniel's shorts, pulling them down in front to release Daniel's erection, already dripping pre-cum. He touched the tip of his index finger to the head and collected a few drops and brought the finger to his lips, now wanting to taste Daniel.

Daniel was still moving two fingers around inside Jack, scissoring and stretching. He was rewarded with yet another loud groan when he deftly added a third finger.

Jack was sure his brain was turning to mush. He had one coherent thought, but was having trouble with his language skills.

"Daniel, pleeesss, I need- you, innnnn me"

Daniel moved to comply but was stymied when he realized that they had nothing for lubrication. Even relaxed it was going to be difficult to breach Jack without something. He looked around quickly and spotted his pack just above Jack's head. He scissored his fingers widely inside Jack one last time, then removed them.

"Need some lube." Daniel was mumbling now. It must have been loud enough for Jack's poor befuddled brain to hear, because as Daniel leaned over Jack to reach his pack, Jack slipped down his body and engulfed Daniel's cock entirely in his mouth. Daniel's response was absolute surprise. He really didn't have him figured to reciprocate so quickly. Jack mouthed Daniel's cock, wetting it thoroughly and placed a very wet kiss right at the tip.

"Got lube, now. Plee-ase, Daniel" Daniel laughed, "Jack, be patient, I have something a little better" as his hand fumbled in his pack. Jack gave another deep sigh and went to work licking and sucking at the scrotum and cock in front of him till Daniel moved back across him with the small tube of sunscreen in his hand.

Daniel squeezed a sizable amount onto his fingers and sat back on his heels as Jack canted his hips up and bent both knees again allowing Daniel access to his now more relaxed anus. Daniel smeared a slick film around the ring and inside, then put more on his hand and smeared his own cock.

"Ready, Jack?" his voice now deep and throaty "Are you ready for me?"

Jack just groaned.

"Need you, Daniel" Was the only response Jack could muster.

"Sorry, Jack, that's not good enough. I want you to tell me exactly what you want." Daniel saw Jack lift his head and look at him, so he started to stroke himself, teasing Jack into a reply.

"I want you in me, Daniel. Please, I need you to fuck me."

"Okay, Jack. Relax then." Daniel slid both hands under Jack's ass and helped him tilt his hips up further. He placed the head of his cock at the muscular ring and started crooning to Jack again, like he'd done before.

"Come on Jack, relax. You can do it." As Daniel started to push in, Jack's reawakening erection faded and Jack gasped in pain.

"Bear down, Jack. Come on." Daniel's cock slid further into the tight, hot ring.

"Relax, Jack, take a deep breath and keep blowing it out. That's it, Jack, keep blowing." Daniel slid completely in and stilled. Jack felt Daniel's balls hit his butt and knew he had all of Daniel. He felt like he would shear in half. He started to tighten his muscles.

"Aughh, Jack, no, don't do that." Daniel slipped one hand from behind Jack and started rubbing his abdomen in slow soothing circles. "Come on, relax now." Jack managed to relax again, and Daniel started to pump his cock slowly, occasionally reaching up to pinch a nipple. Jack's cock swelled again and he began to move his hips a little, trying to drive Daniel in farther.

"You got it all, Jack."

"Then move your ass, Daniel. What the hell do you need, a written invitation?" Jack managed between clenched teeth.

"You are getting waa-yy too demanding, Colonel. Don't force me to bust your balls" Daniel started to move, slowly.

"Promises, promises." Jack groaned. Daniel eased out slightly and then in again.

Jack's pain gave way to pleasure as he became accustomed to the fullness and movement. As he relaxed, Daniel's momentum gained increasing in the force of his strokes. Jack started to try to thrust himself onto Daniel and quicken the pace. Daniel would have none of it. He lifted Jack's hips and altered his pace, stroking slowly over that nub of prostate he found so effective before.

Once again, Jack dissolved with pleasure. Daniel changed his rhythm again, this time into short hard jabs, punctuated with grunts that heralded his nearness to orgasm. Daniel began to stroke Jack's cock with one hand, on the third stroke Jack froze, then shuddered, and covered Daniel's hand and his own belly in streamers of semen. The spasms contracted the muscles around Daniel, squeezing him as he stroked, and brought him, too, over the edge. He filled Jack with liquid heat and then allowed Jack to pull him downward into a blissful and dreamy kiss. Daniel began to break the kiss and move away, attempting to pull out of Jack, but was stilled with a single word, "Stay". He lay boneless on top of Jack, sweaty and sated, and listened to the sound of Jack's heartbeat through his chest. The small, gray, deer-like animals watched from the riverbank.

Daniels butt was cold and he had to pee, bad.

He opened his eyes and glanced upwards at the face of the still sleeping colonel. Jack's eyes moved in sleep and the sides of his mouth twitched. Daniel began to slide down the hard body in an attempt to get to his feet without disturbing Jack. No such luck. Jack opened one eye, then both.

"Where you going, Danny?"

"Gotta pee, Jack. Is that okay with you?

"Yasureyoubetcha. Me, too." Daniel got clumsily to his feet and reached a hand down to help Jack.

" Ohh, crap. Every joint in my body is complaining." Jack struggled to a standing position, placing his hands on his hips and trying to stretch his back out. "We have got to do something about the sleeping arrangements, I'm too old for the ground to be comfortable anymore."

"Well, unless you've got a waterbed in your pack, we are stuck with it." Daniel laughed

"No, we're not. But first we have to do a little reconnoitering. Get the lay of the land and see if we have any neighbors. Maybe scope out a few hiding spots in case we get any unwelcome guests." Daniel nodded his agreement and then added. "But first, I think we need to clean up a little and put some clothes on."

Jack looked down at himself and then at Daniel. "Yeah, probably a good idea. We don't want to frighten away the 'near deer' now do we?"

"So true. Well, sir's bath awaits without." Daniel made a sweeping gesture towards the river.

"Without what?" Jack asked as they walked to the water's edge.

"Without hot water." Daniel answered as he pushed Jack into the water first, and then waded in himself.

"Shhheeeee-iiittttt! It's cold!" Jack's teeth chattered.

"Thank you Jack, I wouldn't have noticed" Daniel was shivering as he waded up next to Jack.

"Hey, I'm trained to observe and report. I notice these things." Jack shrugged and waded into deeper water, and started to scrub himself with his hands.

"Okay, Mister Observation, what else have you noticed?" Daniel stayed in the shallower water and began scrubbing himself as well.

Jack swam back towards the waterfall using long graceful strokes. Daniel moved slightly in the same direction without venturing any deeper into the water. "Well?"

Jack stopped just behind the falls and tread water. "Did you say something?" He shouted to be heard over the rushing water.

"Yes, I asked what else you had observed?" Daniel raised his voice to be heard.

"Well, I've observed that this river is actually formed from two sources. From snowmelt or glacial runoff and from geo thermal springs." Jack looked thoroughly pleased with himself; Daniel did a double take and then just looked confused.

"What did you just say?" Daniel's surprise was very obvious on his face.

"I said, this river is formed from glacial or snowmelt and a geo thermal spring. Now come here."

"No, Jack, I'm getting out, too cold." Daniel was shivering visibly now.

"I said come here, Daniel. That's an order." Jack stayed where he was. Daniel just shook his head and started to wade towards Jack. He got as far as the falls and was repelled by the absolute frigidness of the water there.

"Christ, Jack, have you lost it? The water here is colder yet. I know you like hockey, but you aren't using my nuts for a puck. I'm getting out!" Daniel looked positively blue; Jack just laughed and reached out his hand towards the semi-frozen man.

"I said come here, Daniel. I have something to warm you up." The look Jack gave him was absolutely lewd.

"Jack, I can't even find my dick in this cold, let alone get it up. What are you, some kind of Eskimo?"

Jack just shook his head and lunged forward grabbing Daniel around the waist and pulled him back under the falls.

Daniel's blue lips opened to protest, but were stopped as Jack's mouth closed over them in a heady kiss. Jack pulled him closer and into the most deliciously warm water, laughing into his mouth, Jack just asked, "Better now?"

Daniel pulled slightly back and gave him a heart-stopping smile. "Oh, you're good, Jack. I admit it, you are very observant."

"Now what were you saying about not being able to find your dick?" Jack reached down between them and wrapped his hand around Daniel's burgeoning erection. Daniel flashed him another brilliant smile. "I was saying, no problem at all. You are obviously a skilled and trained observer, with a truly-" slipping his hand down to grip Jack's erection, "magnificent hard-on."

They both laughed as they gently stroked each other. The kisses were passionate, tongue stroking over tongue in time with the strokes of their hands. Daniel kissed his way down Jack's neck and towards his chest, the water level just covering his nipples. Daniel had to content himself with the areas not covered by the hot water, and placed a series of small suck marks from just above the waterline up the left side of Jack's neck to behind his ear. The pulling became more frantic now, breathing more erratic. Jack took his erection in hand with Daniel's and Daniel wrapped his own hand around Jack's and increased the pace even more.

Within moments of each other they came and then just held each other while the waves of pleasure and the hot water flowed over them. Daniel thought briefly that they'd have to move a large rock or something into this pool for seating. But that would have to wait; they had other things to attend to first.

Finally, the two sated men moved out of the water and to the tent, drying themselves with the small hand size towels they all carried in their packs. Then, after some debate, dressed in their long BDU pants and tee shirts, they extinguished the fire and set off to scout their surroundings.

Following the river to its tidal pool outlet didn't take long. But neither liked what they saw when they arrived at the pool's edge.

"Well, you said we needed water, Jack, I think we found some." Daniel tried to lighten their mood.

"Daniel, who told you that you could be the smartass?"

"Well, I figured you'd be busy with other things and I was just trying to pick up the slack. I was only thinking of you." Daniel fixed one of those beaming smiles firmly on his face.

Jack turned toward Daniel, laughing, and laid his hand on Daniel's cheek in a soft caress. Then he leaned in and kissed him gently. "Thank you for removing that burden from my shoulders. I can't tell you how relieved I am."

They looked out at the wide expanse of ocean before them, no land in sight.

"Looks big." Daniel mustered

"You have three PhD's and speak twenty-three languages and all you can come up with is looks big?"

Daniel just shrugged.

"I think it's time we headed back towards our private spa, don't you think?" Jack asked.

Daniel turned, took a last look at the ocean and began walking.

Over the days that followed, they confirmed that they were, indeed, alone and on an island. They kept watch on the Stargate and cleared trails to their favorite haunts and areas of their kingdom. Together they built a place to live and a permanent fire pit, with an attached smokehouse. Daniel began to experiment with the local palm fibers, intent on weaving them into fabric for clothing. Jack discovered that further down the river where the water was a more stable temperature, the fish were plentiful, easily caught and could then be smoked or dried. There were caves behind the waterfall that stayed frigid all the time and some of the fruits they collected could be stored there, without decomposition. Jack wanted to hunt the 'near deer' but Daniel was strictly opposed, saying he couldn't allow Jack to kill something that had helped them so much on their first day, if only by example.

Some things never change and they had their first argument over Jack making a bow and arrows and a blowgun to hunt birds. Daniel took the opportunity to put up a fight for vegetarianism; while Jack walked around beating on his chest shouting "Me carnivore, need meat!" and threatening Daniel with teeth marks in painful places if he didn't get his way. Daniel finally relented.

Jack determined the days to be about 30 hours long, 12 hours of which were night. Daniel started to weave the palm fibers that he had pounded and boiled till they were soft enough to work with. Jack watched him in awe of his skill, then, promptly, built him a loom. Jack had saved the feathers and down from the cleaned birds and made a large pillow for them both. Jack dug a large hole in the hut he had built and filled it with palm leaves that he covered with the groundsheet from their tent. It was much softer and cooler than sleeping on the ground in their sleeping bags.

Occasionally they bickered and laughed at each other, but every night, they were in each other's arms. Sometimes they were too tired and just slept; but other nights, the atmosphere was charged with their moans and cries of completion. Sometimes Jack would take the lead, sometimes Daniel, but neither was slighted and both were satisfied. They called each other by silly nicknames, and held hands when they went for walks. Frequently they joked about the things they now took for granted, like holding hands and spur of the moment kisses and groping. But neither would discuss the fact that it appeared they would not be found or that this was their permanent home. Neither talked about how much they missed their old life, partly because they didn't miss it. They had each other here and they couldn't there. Jack even stopped wearing his dog tags in favor of a necklace of tiny polished shells that Daniel had made for him. They just went about the business of making their lives comfortable and filled with love for each other.

They never noticed those nights when, while they were sound asleep, they were taken, measured, weighed, and examined by the entities that assumed the forms of the 'near deer' that watched them the rest of the time.

It never occurred to them that they were being observed and documented, their lives reduced to raw data and quantified, right down to their lovemaking. Neither thought about how the trees were always in fruit, the fish and birds easily caught. The weather, even when it rained, was always moderate. Jack never got any grayer, his knees didn't hurt anymore and Daniel seemed to wear his glasses less and less.

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